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Located in the Mill City of Lowell, we are excited to provide healings and brings in courses from the ancient mystery schools to this area, as taught in the Lineage of King Salomon and the Modern Mystery School.

Katlyn and Brandon met at the Modern Mystery School Western World Headquarters in Toronto, Canada. With her background in teaching and child development and his as a veteran of the U.S. Navy, together they share a passion for the interplay and balance of the divine masculine and feminine within, whole being health and wellness, and aligning oneself with their True calling.

Over the last 4 years Katlyn and Brandon have experienced deep transformations from the healings they now provide and courses they recommend such as Empower Thyself Class & Initiation, Universal Kabbalah, Sacred Geometry, Alchemy, Wicca, and more. Because of their study and initiations into the deep mysteries, they continue to lead a life of joy, creativity, and passion.

Merrimack Valley Center For Empowerment is where you can unlock what lies within and bring it into fruition, to make this world a better more beautiful place for now and the future!

Life Activation

The Life Activation is an ancient activation that turns on the divine blueprint, awakening the essences of purpose, passion, and joy. This session includes chakra balancing, central core balancing, 16 petal lotus balancing, elemental balancing, and crystal removal. This modality is done as a one on one, private session. Connect with us to book your session today.

Negative Energy Removal & Emotional Cord Cutting

As we cultivate relationships we create emotional connections and cords to the people we interact with, both for better or worse. This removes the effects of negative influences and negative emotional cords, reaffirming freedom within every interaction! This session is done in a private, one on one setting. Contact us for more information.

Ensofic Reiki

Ensofic Reiki/Ensofic Ray Healing Modality (TM) is the full system of reiki, utilizing the first ray of creation. Ensofic Reiki transmutes mental, emotional, spiritual and physical blockages, allowing for freedom from emotions, physical health, and peace of mind to flow more easily.
This is typically offered in a one on one three session series.

Some Classes & Workshops

We Provide

Mini Me Yoga (TM)

Katlyn leads whole being wellness workshops as professional development for school staff, therapists, nurses, and parent groups. Mini Me Yoga’s tools are used worldwide by those passionate about the health and wellbeing of our children! Expand your toolbox for holistic mental, physical, emotional, and social health for children pre-k through tweens- contact us today to inquire about workshops at your workplace or community center. Private workshops available upon request.

MAX Meditation System (TM)

Imagine if you will, being able to come to a place of stillness. A place where you can find your center again, slow down, and reset your mind, body and spirit. The MAX Meditation System was specifically designed by blending Eastern philosophy and Western psychology, allowing for a deeper, personal experience. Come join us for this 60-90 minute guided journy and come home to yourself.

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