Meet Brandon

Brandon brings compassion and wisdom learned by his own healing journey with PTSD from military service and the traumas of war and life to his continued service to others. He specializes in helping people remove the obstacles that are stopping them from progressing to the life they want to live, filled with more passion, joy, and connection to their divine purpose. He is a Certified Healer, Life Activation, Initiated Celtic Shaman, and Ritual Master within the Modern Mystery School. This is where the advanced spiritual training and development of the Lineage of King Salomon resides. Brandon is the Co-Founder of the Merrimack Valley Center For Empowerment along with his wife Katlyn. They both met while doing this work and they are committed to continuing to work on themselves while guiding others to step on to the Path of Initiation. 

Brandon is also a successful Green Technology Consultant. His latest project can be seen here.


564 Dutton St. 

3rd Floor 

Lowell, MA 01852


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