The Modern Mystery School 

There are 7 True Mystery Schools on the Planet,

6 of which are closed to the public-

meaning you need to be born into it, married into it, or invited in.


There is 1 True Mystery School that is open to the public

and that is

The Modern Mystery School

in the Lineage of King Salomon.


Being open to the publics means anyone who feels called, may come. 

The reason being, is that The Modern Mystery School's mission is to create Shamballah, or world peace, and the only way to the do that is if we say, as a human race: "YES! I want World Peace!" and work together to do so.


As many wise teachers have said:

"It's All of Us, or None of Us.


How do we achieve this?

As it is written above the Oracle of Delphi:

"Know Thyself."

This is our quest.

For as we dive deeper into the unknown within and without,

the ripple effect of healing and initiation shifts

perceptions, dynamics, and programming

which effects our relationship with those around us and into the world. 


In order to facilitate a school of such purity, located in 55 countries around the world, there is a unique organizational structure in place.


There is the Third Order and the Council of Twelve.

The Third Order 

Founder Gudni “Frater Ged” Gudnason 

In 1997, Ipsissimus Gudni was tasked with bringing these lineage teachings from secret to the public. He is called Founder Gudni in honor of doing this. Since a very young age, he traveled and taught The teachings held within this lineage allow people to reconnect with their purpose and help them remember why they are here on the planet at this time. These teachings, in time, will lead humanity to World Peace with all of humanity taking responsibility for our own lives.


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